A New Engagement Model for the Internet Era

Striking a balance between actionable strategy and broad discussion of the issues surrounding volunteerism, Volunteer Engagement 2.0 is a collection of essays that helps readers craft a volunteer program that reflects the organization’s mission and approaches daily management needs with an eye toward the future. Specifically, it provides overviews of how to

  • Keep current volunteers on board, and engage more donors, supporters and effective board members
  • Utilize new tools and trends including social media, microvolunteering, virtual volunteering and hackathons
  • Recruit corporate partners, adopt skilled volunteers and identify pro bono resources
  • Quantify and evaluate a volunteer program’s effectiveness, and adjust strategy going forward

The book distills the latest research and insight from industry leaders, targeting practitioners responsible for volunteer engagement, recruitment and management. Mark’s chapter outlines Mozilla’s stunning successes in engaging volunteers for large-scale change, outlines current efforts, and offers practical lessons.

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