Leader & Advisor

Mark unites a global team of professionals — engineers and designers, teachers and advocates — under one banner: ensuring the web is a force for good. With his leadership, Mozilla has established itself as a driving force in the effort to create and protect the open web. Mark also leads a global community of 10,000+ active Mozillians. As an advisor, Mark has lent his expertise to a range of public, nonprofit and educational organizations — helping them make smart and inclusive strategy and technology decisions. Mark currently serves on the boards of the World Bank Solutions for Youth Employment Consortium, the Toronto Arts Foundation and Peer-to-Peer University. He is a past board member of the Connected Learning Alliance, Telefonica’s Think Big, the Association for Progressive Communications, Wild Canada and rabble.ca.

Web Literacy: Building a Generation of Digital Makers

Keynote presentation at StartupEurope, a collaboration between the Lisbon Council and Telefónica. Mark explains how the open nature of the internet needs digitally-savvy participants who can actively shape its content. 2013Talk

Building Mozilla Learning Together

Keynote address providing an early vision and plan for Mozilla Learning on the first stay of the Mozlandia joint work-week in Portland, Oregon. 2015Talk