Privacy, pandemics and the AI era

Amidst the current public health crisis, we’re being reminded of just how central the internet has become to our lives. It’s keeping us connected right now — to our friends, our families, our colleagues, our communities. It’s also a critical source of information for a public hungry for health information and a powerful collaboration platform for scientists tackling the spread of COVID19. In so many ways, we’re seeing the internet that we want and hope for: one that connects humanity in deep and beneficial ways. 
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VP search update — and Europe

A year ago, Mozilla Foundation started a search for a VP, Leadership Programs. The upshot of the job: work with people from around the world to build a movement to ensure our digital world stays open, healthy and humane. Over a year later, we’re in the second round of this search — finding the person to drive this work isn’t easy. However, we’re getting closer, so it’s time for an update. More VP search update — and Europe