How I want to show up this year

As we begin 2016, I have tremendous hope. I feel a clarity and sense of purpose — both in my work and my life — that I haven’t felt for years.

Partly, this feeling flows from the plans we’ve made at Mozilla and the dreams I’ve been dreaming with those I love the most. I invested a great deal in these plans and dreams in 2015. That investment is starting to bear fruit.

This feeling also flows from a challenge I’ve given myself: to fully live my values every day. I’ve gotten rusty at this in the last few years. There are three things specific things I want to do more in 2016:

1. Be present. Listen more, say less. Be vulnerable. Create more space for others.

2. Focus on gratitude and abundance. Build ambitiously and joyfully from what I / we have.

3. Love generously. In all corners of my life. Remember to love myself.

I started to push myself in these areas late last year. As I did, things simply went better. I was happier. People around me were happier. Getting things done started to feel easier and more graceful, even as I/we worked hard and dealt with some painful topics.

Which all adds up to something obvious: how the plans and the dreams work out has alot to do with how I (and all of us) show up everyday.

So, that’s something I want to work on in 2016. I’m hoping the list above will help me stay accountable and on course. And, if you’re someone close to me, that you will, too.

It’s going to be a good year.


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