How the web was won: a talk

Over the past two years, I’ve given talks on many Mozilla topics. How a massive global community can (and did) make the web better. Threats and challenges ahead for the internet. The importance of ‘the people formerly known as users‘ in keeping the web open (aka Drumbeat). Earlier this summer, I had the chance to pull all these threads together in a talk called How the Web Was Won.

This is the most comprehensive talk I’ve given on Mozilla themes. It owes a great deal to slides and ideas I’ve borrowed from Beltzner, Blizzard, Mitchell, Lilly, Hanson and many others. In that regard, it’s a ‘best of’ talk. Not my best presentation (very long), but hopefully many good bits for other people to borrow and re-purpose.

With that in mind, you can download the 42 min ogg video here or see the original on the USI conference web site. Or grab the slides in PDF or from Slideshare.

Many thanks to the USI conference in Paris for inviting me to do this talk. It was a huge amount of fun.


  1. deimidis replied on | Reply

    It will be interesting that somebody could transcript it using universal subtitles. Then we could translate it to other languages.

  2. Felipe Sanches replied on | Reply

    It is very nice to hear your description of 2003. Nowadays I am a free software developer and activist, but back in 2003 I was still just beginning to learn about it all during my first year at university.

    I even tried looking at Firefox 0.9.3 source code at that time but it was too complex for me (since I also started learning C programming in 2003) so I preffered to focus on spreading the word about Firefox (and in later years about Wikipedia, GNU/Linux, etc.) around the campus. I even got my name is in that NYTimes ad! (it is near the tip of the firefox’s snout) 😀

    What I mean is that it was good to hear a bit of Mozilla history, because it helps me to better understand my own choices and career.

  3. Felipe Sanches replied on | Reply

    You could update this post with the Universal Subtitles embed code for this video available at

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