Love the web? Poster. Picture. Pass it on.

Leading up to next Tuesday’s OneWebDay celebrations, we want to send a wave around the world that says: I LOVE THE WEB. How? By asking people everywhere to pin-up and photograph themselves with OneWebDay posters. This post provides simple instructions on how to join the wave.

Step 1 – Pick and print your favourite poster

Pick a poster

You can pick and download the posters at

Step 2 – Photograph yourself with your poster

Photograph yourself with the poster

Put your poster up at your desk, a local cafe or the window of your house. Anywhere prominent. And then snap your picture.

Step 3 – Upload and tag as #owdposter

Upload your photo

The easiest thing to do is put your photo on Flickr with the #owdposter tag. Other options include tweeting your photo using the #owdposter tag or just posting on your own web page.

Step 4 – Let Mozilla know about your photo

Enter the contest

… by joining our OneWebDay photo contest. You can win a Firefox laptop bag if you’re selected as best photo. The contest is at

Step 5 – Spread the word

Spread the word

Tweet, blog or email your friends to share your photo and invite them to love the web.

Loving the web matters!

OneWebDay exists to celebrate the awesomeness of the internet. It’s also an chance to remind people that the web is a precious public resources. Your poster and photograph are a part of this. When you poster, you’re helping to keep the web open and free.


  1. Odin Omdal Hørthe replied on | Reply

    Funny how you don’t mention, yet there is 3 trackbacks from it. And it’s more web-loving than centralized twitter is. :]

  2. kr0y replied on | Reply

    Here’s a Mozified me 🙂 My cubicle has the “Mozilla-10 Years” poster and I added a OneWebDay poster to the collection too. I wore my favorite Firefox T to click a snap.

  3. Tristan replied on | Reply

    Here is my One Web Day flickr set:

    We had tons of fun making these pictures!

  4. Tony Man replied on | Reply

    So if everyone prints a sheet of A4 we’ll save the planet..

    Nice thinking batman!

  5. Will replied on | Reply

    This is an amazingly bad promotion. Let’s get everyone who uses a digital medium to print out something and take a picture of it just to show spirit? How many trees and energy are we going to waste just to show our love of the internet?

    Let’s see – if we get even a small percentage of internet users to do this – how many millions of pieces of paper are going to waste for one day?

    1. msurman replied on | Reply

      Hey Will. Some people like posters on their walls, some people like digital. Which I applaud. I especially like this:

      Also, an, twitter and facebook avatar campaign has been started with people who want to keep it digital using the posters as avatars.

    2. Maria replied on | Reply

      Thanks for saving me from having to state this opinion.

  6. Tony Man replied on | Reply

    Don’t be a moron.. no need to print!

  7. Floor Lamp replied on | Reply

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