MoFo Update (and Board Slides)

A big priority for Mozilla in 2014 is growing our community: getting more people engaged in everything from bringing the web to mobile and teaching web literacy to millions of people around the world.  At our June Mozilla Foundation board meeting, I provided an update on the MoFo teams contribution to this effort during Q2 and on our plans for the next quarter. Here is a brief screen cast that summarizes the material fromt that meeting. More MoFo Update (and Board Slides)

MoFo 2014 plans

I’m excited about 2014 at Mozilla. Building on last fall’s Mozilla Summit, it feels like people across the project are re-energized by Mitchell’s reminder that we are a global community with a common cause. Right now, this community is sharply focused on making sure the web wins on mobile and on teaching the world how the web works. I’m optimistic that we’re going to make some breakthroughs in these areas in the year ahead. More MoFo 2014 plans

MozFdn July 2010 status update

As we pass the midway mark of 2010, we’re starting to see early results from our bootstrap Drumbeat projects. Universal Subtitles and Web Made Movies presented demos at Whistler. And Mozilla / P2PU School of Webcraft has 12+ courses scheduled for September. We also have a clear (and exciting) plan for the first Drumbeat Festival — a 300+ person event on ‘learning, freedom and the web‘ happening in Barcelona this November. Reflecting back on the last few months, it feels like we’ve turned a corner in terms of understanding and excitement around Drumbeat. More MozFdn July 2010 status update

MozFdn May 2010 status update

Almost five months into 2010, key Drumbeat projects and the Drumbeat local event series are picking up speed. Web Made Movies, Universal Subtitles and P2PU Open Web Career Track have all released new material and gotten more people involved. And additional events have taken place in Toronto, Berlin, Sao Carlos and Florianapolis. We’re also making progress on our overall fundraising and engagement efforts — albeit slower than hoped. More MozFdn May 2010 status update